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Lorde 絕對能當心靈導師!新曲〈Perfect Places〉將解救各位迷途羔羊


總帶給人深不可測神秘感氣息的 Lorde,繼釋出單曲〈Green Light〉和〈Liability〉後,在昨日又悄悄地上架了專輯中的新曲〈Perfect Places〉啦!在這幾回的單曲釋出讓我們看見了相當不同音樂面向的 Lorde,與以往相當不同,甚至讓有些歌迷表示:「還我以前的 Lorde」,不過J編反倒認為這是相當具有突破性的進展,況且,Lorde 從現在到未來都將只會有一個,她的 Vocal 是無可取代地。

  • 圖片來源:BBC

兩個月前所釋出的單曲〈Liability〉至今已將近突破千萬點擊率,感受得出來粉絲們對 Lorde 睽違許久的狂熱,這首〈Liability〉充分展現了她柔情的靈魂,在她剛硬冰冷的外表下,藏著的不過是個對愛渴望的單純女孩。

清澈的鋼琴聲在背景打造了個彷彿與世無爭的空間,只有 Lorde 和她自己,「生活不是為了等待暴風通過,而是為了學習在雨中跳舞」,Lorde 用像是與自己對話的呢喃方式詮釋了整首歌曲,令人揪心卻也感同身受,「世界上有一種你永遠不該搞砸的愛,那就是對自己的愛」。

關於昨天釋出的新單曲〈Perfect Places〉,Lorde 其實是想透過一則自己的故事來傳達「人生中沒有所謂最完美的地位、地方,跟隨自己的心,你心中最嚮往的那個終點,就是你的 Perfect Places」的意念。

Lorde 所分享的故事原文:

today, PERFECT PLACES is out in the world. this is a special one. i was living in new york during summer last year, writing melodrama - i'd ride across the brooklyn bridge every day, or sit on the subway uptown in the heat, then go back home to new zealand winter for a week at a time to party with my friends. my life was like a weird little etch-a-sketch i kept scribbling on and resetting. and all last summer, i couldn't shake the feeling that everyone i knew or saw was searching for something - trying to transcend the news and the screaming pavements, drinking that one drink hoping it'd get them someplace higher. this song comes from that endless cycle of evenings and the violent heat of the summer. it took us a very long time to get right, from an aching piano demo to where is it now. it's close to my heart. i hope you like it.